A lesson a day keeps you ahead of the game!

Begin with the end in mind

Hundreds of STEAM careers featuring professionals who look like our geniuses. Teachers use our careers in their language arts and math lessons. Students watch the video, enter the work space using virtual reality, read the (leveled) eBook, take the comprehension exercise, and much more! Thanks to our Learning Champions, careers are always free for our users.

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Peer-to-Peer Learning

Genius Plaza provides ten co-creation tools, allowing students to re-teach the lesson as an intrinsic part of the learning process. They move from passive learners to protagonists of their learning journey. Re-teaching tools include five authoring opportunities: videos, eBooks, exercises, vocabulary sets, and worksheets. Our five co-creation gaming tools are Hangman, Millionaire, Fish Diet, Numberlandia, and Writing Bee. Try co-creation and you’ll see same-day results!

Our Didactic Method

Follow our Genius-Centered Approach

  • Learn: Students learn from their educators and from the many resources available in the Genius Plaza Learning Bank.
  • Reflect: Every Genius Plaza resource gives students the opportunity to reflect with comments and reviews.
  • Re-teach: Students take ownership of the lesson by using our co-creation tools to re-teach the skills using their unique creativity. This is when the magic happens!
  • Peer review: Once co-creations are completed, students reflect on each other’s work by adding comments and/or votes to the best game, video, eBook, or worksheet. This means: repetition, critical thinking, and mastery!