What makes Blobland special?

The development of the game is being focused on the kids from the very start, shaping an experience that is fun for them.

Our vision is to transform abstract and confusing concepts into concrete and visually appealing objects so that children can understand them faster and more intuitively.


Concrete to abstract

Use concrete objects to solve the puzzles and smoothly transition to only the abstract: numbers and symbols.


Problem solving

Transform arithmetic operations into puzzles that stimulate problem solving skills and the understanding of math concepts.


Multiple ways

Kids will learn multiple methods for solving arithmetic expressions while playing, including Common Core and Singapore Math methods.



The game will be multi-platform, coming out on iOS and Android, and multi-language, coming out in English and Spanish.



We listen to the kids, but we also appreciate your support. You can become part of the process by helping us test the game and send your feedback.

Interested in learning more?

We are still working on building an amazing experience for kids and we value your input too. If you want to become part of the process and help create a game that you, as a parent, would want your kid to play, just fill this form. Hope to hear from you!