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  • Expanding school instruction to a new level
  • In real-time
  • School-to-parent communication
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Genius PreK Curriculum

The Genius PreK curriculum is highly interactive, offering a systematic approach with culturally relevant resources to follow on a daily basis, providing multiple educational opportunities to Ignite the Genius in Every Child.

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Lesson Plans

Our easy to follow lesson plans are equipped with culturally relevant resources and differentiated instructional opportunities for all academic areas of the curriculum with a unique blended approach.

Instructional Materials

Our instructional materials are specifically designed to ease the teacher's workload and reach every student in your classroom.

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Interactive Books

Exposing students to over a thousand highly engaging interactive books, cultural themes and age-appropriate stories.


Innovative ways to get your students engaged in their learning experience. Genius PreK combines education and fun to create their interactive educational games with vibrant colors and fun animations.

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At Genius PreK we begin with the end in mind. Captivating videos, eBooks, and 360° virtual reality experiences enhance a young learner's knowledge of S.T.E.A.M. careers.


We offer a range of different products for our users to strengthen their learning experience.

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Genius PreK English

36 weeks of blended instruction in English with engaging educational activities.

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Genius PreK Bilingual

A full preschool curriculum offered in English and Spanish.

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Genius PreK Spanish

36 weeks of blended instruction in Spanish with joyful educational activities.

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Genius PreK Summer

4 weeks of curriculum with a blended approach to increase knowledge and prevent summer loss.

Children must be taught how to think,
not what to think.

Margaret Mead
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Genius PreK Classroom

The entire Genius Plaza classroom allows a teacher to implement our didactic method.

Parent Engagement

Parents and families that are involved in their children's education continue to build a roadmap of success for their children's future.


Monthly tips

Ideas for parents to work with their children to increase academic performance and reinforce family ties to develop social-emotional health.


Home-school tools

Genius PreK App allows parents and teachers to connect in real time. Bringing classroom technology to the comfort of their home.


Teaching parents

Fundamental skills to promote productive citizens in the community.


Printable materials

Monthly printable ideas to expand school activities into the home environment.

The Numberlandians!

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He is Two!

Asset 1

He is Three!


She is Four!

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He is Five!

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Download our Genius PreK App and enjoy all of our teachings, resources, and hang out with our Numberlandians. Let the learning begin!

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