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Making a DBQ Essay

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  • Future: Doctor
Some tips about how to do a DBQ essay.
Reflections 11
  • Future: Manager

    And the last part is simply to write the essay. Nice song!

  • Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development

    You can make like a brainstorm ideas for the essay :)

  • Future: Venture Capitalist

    I loved the song!

  • Future: Human Resources

    But you also need outside info. Thanks

  • Future: Venture Capitalist

    Thank you for teaching us how to make a DBQ Essay.

  • Future: Pilot

    I liked so much the song. The girls are nice and their smiles made me smile :)

  • Future: Regulatory Affairs

    The video is about how to write a document based questions essay

  • Future: Scientist

    I liked the video!!!

  • Future: Doctor

    i learned that to write a DBQ Essay, we have to read the questions, the documents, and then answer shortly

  • Future: Biologist

    The girls sang a song to explain the rules of how to write a document based questions essay.

  • Future: Electrical Engineer

    Six pieces of outside info. Thank you for the video.