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Meet Venture Capitalist Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon focuses on identifying and evaluating early-stage investments along with helping portfolio companies grow effectively. He is committed to making sure entrepreneurs of all backgrounds have access to advice and capital in order to make their business succeed.



Reflections 16

Future: Doctor
I want to build the future. Your story is an inspiration! Thank you, Brian.
Future: Human Resources
Brian said that being a founder is hard, because there are a lot of things working against you and you have to build a product, get a team and money. That's scary.
Future: Electrical Engineer
he applied to a business school and, because of he applied to an internship at Kapor Capital, he ended up there. And his background helped him a lot
Future: Venture Capitalist
I would like to meet mentors like Brian, have their advices and help, with what I have to do to success.
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Thanks to the video I understood that Kapor Capital looks for entrepeneurs that have an unique lived experience, to build products to solve problems.
Future: Scientist
I learned that he created his own shoes because he understood the internet, the culture and sports
Future: Doctor
Brian loves to help people. He helps them to reach their goals and dreams, he has a big heart.
Future: Manager
Kapor Capital helps people with advices and investing in their companies
Future: Biologist
My parents also tell me that, first do your homework and then you can go to play.
Future: Doctor
I can't believe how the computers were before!!!
Future: Regulatory Affairs
I envy you, to have dinner with your family. Brian has a great family and it helped him to be who he is today.
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
I love sneakers too. I can't believe that his parents just bought him two shoes a year.
Future: Venture Capitalist
i learned from the video that he started selling shoes in EBay. he created his own shoes. i would like to be like him and start my own business
Future: Electrical Engineer
He made a pair of shoes for LeBron James!!!! That’s incredible!
Future: Electrical Engineer
I liked what he said that technology is powerful and he felt like he could access the world.
this is nice I like it i will watch it again