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Character traits

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  • ms_emirzian
Student providing tips on what are character traits.
Reflections 10
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    Future: Manager

    In the video she talks about character traits

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    Future: Doctor

    Thank you for sharing this video with us.

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    Future: Scientist

    You did a great job with the video, thanks.

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    Future: Pharmaceuticals

    I learnt that the actions and the way they talk to each other builds the personality for them.

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    Future: Venture Capitalist

    I understood that character traits is the personality of the person.

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    Future: Electrical Engineer

    I understood that character traits are define by the actions and the way the person interact.

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    Future: Human Resources

    Nice video, she gave us an example to understand what are character traits.

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    Future: Biologist

    The person in the example she gave, cares about him, she gets upset and argues.

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    Future: Pilot

    Thanks to the video I understood what is character trait.

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    Future: Regulatory Affairs

    She says that for a character traits we put together the actions and the way they talk to each other.