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Genius Tunes: Electrical Engineer Kenyana Ceasar

Check out this song to see what Kenyana Ceasar does as an electrical engineer



Reflections 11

super cool!
Future: Electrical Engineer
wow, nice song, the animation is cool.
Future: Human Resources
I learnt about Kenyana, she is a manufacturing engineering team leader.
Future: Venture Capitalist
When Kenyana was younger, she got interested in how things worked because her air conditioning broke in summer!
Future: Scientist
I remember that she asked the guy who came to fix the AC, if she could watch to learn
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
I understood that she decided to choose engineering as the path for her career after the problem with her air conditioning.
Future: Manager
I learned that she leads manufacturing teams at Johnson Johnson vision care. Nice song
Future: Doctor
I learned that Kenyana was fascinated with the AC unit that she watched while the guy fixed it, and everything became clear.
Future: Pilot
Nice song, I want to be like her and have that interest to learn how things work.
Future: Regulatory Affairs
i learned that Kenyans got interested in how things worked because of the air conditioning.
Future: Biologist
I liked the song, is about Kenyana. I learnt a lot about her.