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Meet VP Program Manager/Diversity & Inclusion World Bank Donna-Marie Darlington-Dawes, Ph.D.

  • bankvp_donnamarie
Watch as Dr. Dawes shares her experiences from over 20 years of combined professional work experience and partnerships with international organizations such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, the United Nations Institutions (FAO, WFP, and IFAD) and academic institutions.
Reflections 13
  • Future: Manager

    I liked the 3 P's, prayer, passion and perseverance. Her story is an inspiration.

  • Future: Doctor

    I loved what she said, we have to learn to think out of the box when we meet obstacles in life. And the thing about her DNA, that obstacles never made her mom set back. Donna, you are an inspiration!!!

  • Future: Scientist

    I admire her, she had to fight for rights as the only female in the group. Her journey wasn't easy but she succeeded.

  • Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development

    I remember that her first degree was in business administration. But later she changed her mind and she did a double degree. I’m impressed.

  • Future: Venture Capitalist

    She had three jobs on campus, I don't know how she had time to study.

  • Future: Electrical Engineer

    wow, when she was five years old, she helped in the family's business and interacted with people, we don’t do too much, I think that is time to change and be like her

  • Future: Human Resources

    I learned from the video that she grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, she lived there for nineteen years and she has two brothers. And I almost forgot, her family owned a bakery.

  • Future: Venture Capitalist

    She realized that she had a passion and love for people, she switched the major to counseling psychology. She wanted so bad to help people. I enjoyed the video. Her story is amazing.

  • Future: Pilot

    I liked how it sounded, play with the neighbors, knocking doors and do sports outside. My parents said that they used to do that in their home country, but here we prefer the technology rather than spend time with people

  • Future: Regulatory Affairs

    she was sitting next to important people at a game in Nassau Community College, and a woman asked her to go for a scrimmage at LIU, and as she said there was magic on the field and she won a fields hockey scholarship. Her story is incredible!

  • Future: Scientist

    I can't believe they spent time in outdoors and, they didn't get too caught up in watching television or playing video games. I can't imagine my life without video games or the tv.

  • Future: Doctor

    I learnt that she started at a community college because her parents couldn't afford something else.

  • Future: Biologist

    a ticket and a prayer, that was the best part for me. My mom says that travel gives you the best experiences and Donna is an example of that, she did great things after she left her country