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Simple Subtraction

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  • Future: Doctor
Learn how to subtract
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    Future: Manager

    I learned that I have to identify the values that I need to solve the question in the word problem.

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    Future: Pharmaceuticals

    You did a great job with the video Santi. I learnt a lot.

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    Future: Venture Capitalist

    I loved how Santi explains the lesson, it s easier with an example.

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    Future: Human Resources

    Thanks to the video I learned how to identify the values that I need to solve the problem

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    Future: Pilot

    Now, I understand how to solve simple subtraction

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    Future: Regulatory Affairs

    I learnt that first I need to identify the questions in the word problem

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    Future: Scientist

    After I watched this video, I have confidence in myself to solve word problems like this.

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    Future: Doctor

    After I identify the numbers that I need to use, I underline them for easy recognition and then I use the math operation that is required. Nice video Santi.

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    Future: Biologist

    I liked the video!!! Good job Santi.

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    Future: Electrical Engineer

    In the video Santi taught us simple subtraction