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Let's Talk About Hurricanes!

Learn some facts about hurricanes and what to do when one hits!



Reflections 15

Future: Biologist
I learnt that a hurricane is a strong tropical storm. I enjoyed the video. And also I learnt that the hurricane season is from June to November, so we must be prepare if we live close to the areas where it happen.
Future: Doctor
I learned that hurricanes have categories, for that we can know how strong it is.
Future: Regulatory Affairs
I liked the video and I learnt that is not just important to have the plan or talk about it, we have to practice with our family or with our community so we know if it works.
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Well, I remember that hurricanes happen because they take heat of the ocean and make it their energy for the wind.
Future: Electrical Engineer
In the video she doesn t talk just about hurricane facts, she talks also about safety, that was helpful to me. Thanks.
Future: Venture Capitalist
Wow, I didn t know that hurricanes move heat from the surface of the ocean and it builds up in the air.
Future: Pilot
What I learnt is that hurricane s categories are on a scale from 1 to 5, being the cateories 3 to 5 the most dangerous and strongest!
Future: Regulatory Affairs
I understood that hurricanes take heat from the ocean and make it their energy for the wind. I liked the video.
Future: Scientist
Thanks to the video I learnt that the equator is an invisible line at the center of the earth. Nice video.
Future: Doctor
I remember that it s very important to know about hurricanes if we live close to the areas where they happen and also to have a plan is helpful to be prepared.
Future: Biologist
I learnt that areas that are closest to the equator is where hurricanes happen.
Future: Electrical Engineer
Thanks to the video I cleared my thoughts about hurricanes. I learnt a lot, thank you Ms Benson. I am going to watch and listen to the weather during the hurricane season.
Future: Human Resources
What I learned from the video was that hurricanes happen in areas close to the equator.
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Hurricanes are fueled by the warm and moist air. that t impressive.
Future: Manager
Because of the video I learnt about hurricanes and the meaning of equator.