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Long Division

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  • Future: Doctor
In 3rd grade the hardest for me was to learn long division. I’ll teach you how to do it because at the end it’s not that hard. #peer2peer #3rd
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    Future: Doctor

    What a cool trick to remember how to do long division, thanks for sharing!

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    Future: Scientist

    I don t like long division! it s sooooooooo hard. I like your trick, it makes it easier :

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    Future: Photographer

    This is such as easy way to do long division!

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    Future: Teacher

    I learned this trick in school too. It s super helpful

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    Future: Professional Athlete

    Long division is confusing but your trick helps me remember all the steps

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    Future: Singer

    I can t wait to start 3rd grade but Long Division looks really hard! Thanks for showing me your trick

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    Future: Military

    I use the same trick!! It makes multiplying easy.