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Halloween Safety Song

A song about being safe when you go out to trick-or-treat. Levels: Grades (PreK-5) Skill: Main idea: L1



Reflections 13

Future: Electrical Engineer
This video is fun and I learned about Halloween safety.
Future: Doctor
safety rules for Halloween
Future: Doctor
Its really good and it tells others while trick-or-treating have fun but stay safe."
Future: Manager
I learned that Halloween can be fun and great. I liked the video.
Future: Scientist
Thanks to the video I learnt that I have to look both ways before cross the street
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Thank you for the safety tips, I learned to don t run, it is better to walk.
Future: Venture Capitalist
I learned that if I am going to wear a mask, I need to be able to see
Future: Human Resources
I learnt that we need to be safe in Halloween. Nice video.
Future: Regulatory Affairs
It is a good idea, to have something shiny on my costume or on my bag
Future: Biologist
From the song I learnt that we need to stay with an adult out on the streets for our safety.
Future: Electrical Engineer
I understood that I need to be careful when I go out to trick or treat.
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
It s true, only wrapped candy is cool to eat and be careful when we are going to cross the streets.
Future: Scientist
It is important to wear something shiny on us so the drivers could see us.