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Meet Facilities Manager William Koegel

A Day in the life of a Scientific Facilities Manager



Reflections 16

Future: Doctor
Thank you William to bring me to the gene writer room! WOW amazing career. I definitevely want to be like William.
Future: Doctor
He loves what he does at his job
Future: Doctor
What I learned was that Manger William Koegel is a day life scientific Facilities Manger
Future: Scientist
I would like to be a scientist and discover a drug and help people.
Future: Electrical Engineer
For me the best part of the video is when William shows the gene writer room. It’s amazing!!!
Future: Manager
I loved the video, your job is amazing!
Future: Venture Capitalist
I remember that he took different classes like math and biology among others, and also life science classes.
Future: Doctor
From the video I learnt that a glove box is a device that scientists use to be safe when they work with chemicals.
Future: Pilot
But the glove box is also to keep the material safe and protect its properties. Thank you William!
Future: Regulatory Affairs
I learned that facilities management wasn’t his first goal, his career moved in a different direction but he used the same skills in a different way. He is an inspiration.
Future: Biologist
Life science industry sounds awesome.
Future: Human Resources
I learned that there is a glove box in the research lab and the scientist use it to work safely with chemicals.
Future: Pharmaceutical Drug Development
You inspired me William. I changed my mind, I want to be like you. I would like to take life science classes too.
Future: Scientist
I want to be a facility manager like William and build devices to help the scientist. William’s job is the best.
Future: Biologist
I would like to be part of a biotech community :)
Future: Regulatory Affairs
What I learnt from the video is that thanks to facilities managers like William, the scientists can work safely.